Santa Barbara Independent reviews Good Vibes Tour

- Photo by Paul Wellman -

The Santa Barbara Independent wrote a great article on The Good Vibes Tour when they Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, & Zion I passed through the Santa Barbara Bowl this past Sunday. They also noticed a heavy amount of Collie Buddz merch amongst the crowd!

'Bermudan Collie Buddz did a more than adequate job of engaging the crowd, imploring the audience to flip the bird at “haters.” If merch sales can serve as an indicator of an artists’ effectiveness, then the number of Collie Buddz hoodies and shirts seen at the venue would strongly suggest that a great number of attendees, in fact, share Buddz’ distaste for “haters.”'

» Read the entire article on Santa Barbara Independent's website

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'All in all, this show delivered exactly what it promised — “good vibes.”'



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